Today, libraries are being considered as, the intellectual laboratories’ of institutions. In any scheme of education, library plays a key role. It “preserves the knowledge, so that none is deprived’. Also library is the treasure house of ideas, the store house of knowledge and the flowing stream of living thought. It is being rightly felt today that text books are no longer ‘Educational Bibles’ to be used alone. So classroom teaching must be supplemented with the dissemination of knowledge through the different aspects of library. Several volumes of books including, journals, periodicals and magazines have been purchased for our library in the academic year 2008 – 2009 which has increased the number of books and now it has 3968 books. A number of other valuable books (costing Rs. 75000/-) have been ordered as per the suggestions of our teachers and many educationalists. In our library, the curious students get facilities for quenching their thirst for knowledge. Now this library is equipped with computers and internet connection. We implemented ‘LIBMAS’ software, which satisfies the needs and requirements of the modern era.